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December 8, 2019

VHS Massacre Too is finished! Chris Ferry and Tom discuss a recent screening!

See a sneak peek of the all new VHS Massacre Too at Anthology Film Archives January 8th at 9m in NYC! VHS Massacre Too is finished! Chris Ferry and director Tom Seymour discuss a recent screening of the film! For those who don't know what the film is about. VHS Massacre Too is about the last stand of the American exploitation film. In a post video store era, media consolidation has led to the censorship and near death of the independent and exploitation film industry. Joe Bob Briggs (Last Drive-in), Debbie Rochon (Toxic Avenger IV), Lloyd Kaufman and James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) take us on an adventure that leads from the last Blockbuster video store in Bend Oregon to Troma Entertainment in New York, all in an effort to examine how history keeps repeating itself from the video store era to the modern streaming. This film is a followup to the 5 time award winning VHS Massacre documentary, winner of three Telly Awards, a Gold Remi from World-fest Houston and Best Documentary at Miami Sci-Fi!


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